“Bliss” is a Self-Help Exploration

“Bliss” is a Self-Help Exploration

Combining the aesthetic, exploration, puzzles, and meaning of games such as ProteusDear Esther, and Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsBliss is a new game in development that aims to help people by offering meaningful, self-healing gameplay.

The game, which currently has a Kickstarter in progress, lets you explore a colorful land, healing it as you heal yourself, uncovering pillars that are meant to represent different truths. In the developer’s words, it’s a game about overcoming personal challenges, and it’s a story personal to you, told in the form of an adventure through this world. It’s the type of game we need more of: one that inspires and heals, rather than just offering pure entertainment or experience.

If successful, the game is planned for an April 2014 release on PC, Mac, and Linux. There is a free demo available for download, but it is very early alpha, and it shows in the somewhat difficult controls and camera angles.

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