Can You Handle the Pressure of Launching an “ICBM”?

Nuclear weapons. DEFCON. ICBM puts you in the shoes of First Lieutenant Derek Evans, an officer who finds himself manning the desk and waiting for word from his superiors. With the push of a button he can launch missiles across the world and start utter devastation…

ICBM boasts ultra-realism (scholars of this time period might predict the ending), but the real-world darkness of the premise is tinged with a bizarre humor. Pop on your headphones and you can hear the sound of machinery or even tapping nails. Click around and be confronted with pop-ups telling you what things do and why you’re not allowed to touch them. And, no matter what, keep waiting for that phone call.

In case it wasn’t obvious, ICBM might be a throwback to the Cold War, but it’s also…well, a waiting simulator. Or maybe a confusion simulator. Explosions litter the intro and the missions have exciting and leading titles, but if you ever do anything except wait and poke around and feel nervous, I completely missed it. The twist is clever and the realization makes you laugh and feel dumb, which is pretty perfect for a game of this type.

All in all, ICBM is an experience you definitely shouldn’t miss.

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  1. Michael Davis

    Thanks so much for the kind words! (Also, it seems like the link to the game’s page is broken :/ )


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