• Banish Stress in “The Worrier’s Guide to Life”

  • Banish Stress in “The Worrier’s Guide to Life”

  • Banish Stress in “The Worrier’s Guide to Life”

Banish Stress in “The Worrier’s Guide to Life”

Whether you’re a natural introvert, suffer from anxiety, or have a tendency to fret, Gemma Correll’s The Worrier’s Guide to Life will keep you laughing while lowering your stress levels to boot. With expert snark and wit, Correll reassures her readers who are in tight spots that life could be much, much worse and sets about making their sides split with her illustrated anecdotes on life. The self-proclaimed world champion worrier includes such funny comics as “palm reading for millennials,” “the dystopian zodiac,” and “a map of the introvert’s heart” to dish out advice that may or may not be reliable.

However, while the comics are hilarious, there’s an underlying seriousness to Correll’s tone, and readers who suffer from anxiety will definitely get the sense that the author sympathizes with their struggles. Many of the situations and advice that Correll dishes out will ease any worrier’s natural tendency to be overwhelmed by life because the comics aren’t laughing at you but with you. Her ability to poke fun at a variety of habits formed by worrywarts will not only ease your fears, but also make you feel refreshed to see an author struggle with the same issues and still see the humor of it all.

Correll’s quirky humor is definitely targeted to the Millennial set, but worriers of any age will enjoy reading her comics!

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  1. Cherei McCarter

    Oh my!! This cover is fantastic! Makes me want to have a physical copy rather than a kindle copy! On my way to read the synopsis and download a sample.. then.. buy if it’s as good as I believe it will be! (not that I judge a book by it’s cover.. but, if I did.. this would be a SURE FIRE WINNER!!)


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