Watch a Relationship Fall Apart in

Watch a Relationship Fall Apart in “The Daylight Marriage”

Heidi Pitlor’s The Daylight Marriage follows an unlikely couple as they fall in love, get married, and settle down in the suburbs only to discover that their romance is dying, which leads to an unspeakable tragedy.

Pretty Hannah had it all, but her one major flaw is that she’s impulsive. She winds up falling in love with her exact opposite: an introverted climate scientist named Lovell. At first their relationship is happy as can be but their marriage winds up taking a downward spiral and Hannah makes a choice that will wind up changing her life forever.

Pitlor switches back and forth between Lovell and Heidi as they recount the tragic story of their relationship, including the morning after their terrible argument when the latter made a choice that would lead to her mysterious disappearance. The author expertly builds the tension for the reader and leaves you eagerly devouring the pages to find out precisely what happened to Heidi.

While Pitlor excels at creating a compelling air of mystery, the heart of the novel is the very real breakdown of Lovell and Heidi’s marriage because it is just so realistic.  Pitlor brings to life the whole range of human emotions, from intense passion to guilt and weaves it into a thrilling mystery that will leave you hooked from start to finish.

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