Return to Jurassic Park With the Audible Performance of Michael Crichton's Original Techno-Thriller

Return to Jurassic Park With the Audible Performance of Michael Crichton’s Original Techno-Thriller

Scott Brick, the narrator chosen for Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park novel, is no Sam Neil or Jeff Goldblum, but he has a gift for voicing subtle accents and making the Spielbergian dinosaur adventure story most of us are familiar with appropriately ominous, reminiscent of the way Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was also a cautionary tale to the hubris of those students of morally ambiguous science.

As a kid who was already spending hours in the dirt trying to find the correct rocks to shape Native American style arrowheads, the Jurassic Park movie was just another reason to keep digging in the dirt and search for dinosaur bones. However, the new Jurassic World trailer hardly fills me with nostalgia and excitement (motorcycles and velociraptors, seriously?). But listening to Crichton’s original story really does bring back that feeling of wonder for those enormous prehistoric beasts.

Is it terrible that I would probably be just as eager to pay money to attend Jurassic World if capitalist-minded scientists really did find a way to clone dinosaurs? I don’t know. I suppose you’ll have to revisit the Jurassic Park duology and judge for yourself.

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