Dig Deep Into the Relms of Human Emotion in “Wildlives”

Dig Deep Into the Relms of Human Emotion in “Wildlives”

Sarah Jean Alexander’s debut poetry collection Wildlives digs deep into the fathomless depths of emotions that is found between two people in what often seems like a very small world. This scrapbook of poetry contains Alexander’s questions about love, loneliness, and how difficult it is to survive in the 21st century. Whether it is a tender love letter that is so sweet it will make your heart ache or a poem based on a terrifying nightmare that will leave you shaking, there is no doubt that this fledgling author’s work is compelling.

Some pieces will leave you trying to tease out the meaning behind her metaphors while other poems will have you stunned at the raw and heavy emotion lurking behind her words. But more importantly, there’s a sense of panic to Wildlives that urges readers to go out there and truly live their lives. Alexander wants you to experience every single moment and emotion, because that is what it truly means to be human.

Alexander’s words speak to not only Millennials, but to anyone who has ever felt lonely or wondered if they will find love in a society that often seems so shallow at times. Thanks to the use of beautiful imagery, Alexander takes you on a thrilling ride through a strange yet beautiful world that will leave you breathless long after you finish.

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