Kittygato: “I Don’t Know (What To Do With You)”

Kittygato: “I Don’t Know (What To Do With You)”

The first official track from California synth pop duo Kittygato’s upcoming EP is a wonderfully lo-fi, catchy tune, “I Don’t Know (What To Do With You).” With a stock drum machine beat, buzzy synths and the interesting addition of a surf-rock electric guitar, the real star here is Talia Honomichl’s vocal performance. Throughout its minutes, the track doesn’t build or change very much, indulging itself and the listener in its sweet, addictive sound, making it perfect for repeated listens. Plus, I’m always a sucker for songs with parentheses (in the title).

The Breeze EP is set to be released on September 10th, and for the time being, “I Don’t Know (What To Do With You)” is available as a free download!

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