Our Souls at Night: A Single, Transcendental Late-Night Conversation

Our Souls at Night: A Single, Transcendental Late-Night Conversation

Kent Haruf’s final novel Our Souls at Night explores the idea that there is always hope for the future, no matter what age you are.

One night in Holt, Colorado, Addie Moore decides to stop by and talk with her neighbor, Louis Waters. In many ways they are alike: both of their spouses are deceased and they are struggling with loneliness now that their children have moved away. Of course, living in a small town means that everyone starts gossiping, but the two elderly neighbors soon find that talking to a kindred spirit gives them hope for the future. They reveal their pasts, their hopes for the future, the mistakes they’ve made, and memories of their family. Neither character makes any attempt to hide their darker side and their raw honesty while narrating the story of their lives is extremely refreshing.

While Addie and Louis have had some difficulties in their lives, they still manage to inject humor into their late-night conversations, and the funny moments that they describe will leave you chuckling along with them. And despite the bittersweet tone to Haruf’s novel, he shows you that it is still possible to fall in love and find hope for the future even when you are in your twilight years. Through their beautifully honest and quiet conversations, the couple learns to stop living in the past and embrace the time that they have left to spend with one each other.

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