Speak the Truth in “Spark”

Speak the Truth in “Spark”

Wren Verlaine and Casey Renee Kisser’s poetry collection Spark is an honest romp through the kaleidoscope of emotions found within the human soul. Even though the two poets have a slightly different style, their works seamlessly blend together in a fascinating read. They are brutally honest in painting the whole of the human heart in bright technicolor for the entire world to see. Whether it is the mundane action of parking a car or falling in love, both authors take their readers on a wild ride through the myriad of emotions that we experience on a daily basis.

Of course, some of Verlaine and Kisser’s pieces aren’t all positive. They also explore the dark side of the human soul, including how our desire for revenge can cause us to lose control and embrace a more monstrous side to our personality. The quirky illustrations created by Verlaine himself also help set the mood of the collection. While some of the pieces may either be dark or eccentric in nature, you won’t be able to take your eyes away from the artwork.

Whether you enjoy reading poems about what it feels like to love or loathe someone with every fiber of your being, Spark will capture your imagination and take you on a twisted journey through humanity’s psyche.

Top image by Dennis Skley.

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