Embrace Your Wild Hair in “Love Your Curls”

Embrace Your Wild Hair in “Love Your Curls”

In October 2014, Dove conducted a study that revealed only four out of 10 girls thought curly hair was beautiful. A year later, Dove worked with Taiye Selasi on the Love Your Curls campaign, which aimed to inspire young women to love their locks even if they weren’t long and straight.

Based on the flood of heartwarming stories and pictures submitted to Dove’s campaign by women with curly hair, Selasi’s poetry collection Love Your Curls captures how it feels to grow up knowing that your hair type is not deemed beautiful by society. From flat ironing to keratin treatments, women with curls often feel immense pressure to conform to societal beauty standards. The poems in Love Your Curls capture the frustration curly-haired women feel as they attempt to tame their locks in order to fit in, especially while growing up.

However, not all of the pieces in Selasi’s collection are full of angst. Ultimately, these poems are about celebration and embracing everyone’s individual beauty. If you’ve ever lamented not having perfect hair, Love Your Curls will inspire you to defy beauty standards and take pride in your gorgeous curls!

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