I Bet You Had No Idea Audrey Hepburn Spoke Dutch

In this rare interview footage of Audrey Hepburn from 1959, you can actually see the beloved starlet speaking Dutch to her interviewer. While she may have been America’s sweetheart, Hepburn wasn’t born in the United States—which explains a lot. Her father was born in Bohemia while her mother was a Dutch baroness, alas, making Audrey all the more impressive with her cultured familial background. Hepburn herself was born in Brussels, Belgium, the capital of the European Union.

You may not understand a word Hepburn is saying (I know I didn’t), but that won’t stop you from wanting to listen to every single second of it. Every syllable that comes out of her mouth is beautiful and smooth. Take a moment and just listen. It’s an auditorial blessing to even hear Hepburn speak, let alone in another language.

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