Study a Mother’s Grief in “Little Black Lies”

Study a Mother’s Grief in “Little Black Lies”

Sharon Bolton’s chilling mystery novel is a heartbreaking study of grief enveloped in a criminal case that will leave you guessing until the very last page.

In Little Black Lies, Catrin Quinn is a grieving mother who lost her two sons a few years ago and gets herself involved in a massive search party on the Falklands Islands after three other children go missing. Then the hysteria starts when Catrin is forced to confront her childhood best friend, Rachel, and her ex-boyfriend, Callum, both of whom are hiding terrible secrets.

The setting alone will give you chills. With exquisite detail, Bolton brings the Falkland islands to life. The desolate land with its ancient mine and terrifying cliffs is the perfect setting for a juicy mystery. The suspense throughout the novel will set your teeth on edge as you race through the pages in hopes of finally uncovering all of the twists and turns. However, once you finally reach the end, you will be blown away by how Bolton unveils the town’s dark secrets once and for all.

Bolton drags her readers deep down into the darkest place of the human psyche in order to weave a terrifying psychological thriller that explores the nature of grief, love, and revenge.

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