Explore Our Desire For Human Intimacy in

Explore Our Desire For Human Intimacy in “Exquisite Monsters”

K.I. Press  explores the very human desire for intimacy in her riveting poetry collection Exquisite Monsters. Unlike other poets who might have chosen to use flowery language as they explore the depths of the human psyche, Press’s writing seems jarring at first. She juxtaposes topics such as motherhood and mourning with bizarre imagery and metaphors. From quirky pop culture facts to biomechanical androids, Press is fearlessly and unashamedly weird. However, if you stick with her bizarre collection, you’ll soon discover how she combines such disjointed topics into one whole. With vicious wit and a deft hand, Press takes her readers on a dark journey through our desire for intimacy.

Press also allows her readers to add their own personal touch to the collection as well. The last few pages of Exquisite Monsters are perforated into thirds, which allow you to mix and match her words into an entirely new creation. This sort of interactive addition to the collection not only gives readers a chance to add their own personal touch to the book, but also enhances the theme of combining different things to create something entirely new and different. Whether you are a mother who has just borne her first child or someone who longs to be even closer with their partner, Exquisite Monsters will leave you enthralled and eagerly anticipating Press’s next collection.

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