Les Bosquets: The One Teaser/Trailer You Have to See This Year

If you’ve heard of JR but can’t put a face to the name, it’s no surprise. He’s kind of like the Banksy of France. No seriously, nobody actually knows exactly who he is, all they know is that he’s an extraordinary photographer and filmmaker. He also has completed some memorable street art in his time, and he’s won a TED prize. So basically, he’s a contemporary art god.

His latest film project, Les Bosquets, which roughly translates to “The Groves,” is based on the story of actor Ladj Ly and the New York City Ballet’s performance of “Les Bosquets,” which found its choreography inspired by the French suburb riots that took place nearly a decade ago.

What’s extraordinary about this trailer is that it incorporates just about every form of modern art—dance, music (did I mention that Pharrell Williams helped compose some of the beats?), street art, performance, and photography. If there’s any video that testifies to JR’s mastery of the arts, it may just be this one. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

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