Helado Negro “Young, Latin & Proud”

Following the release of his 2014 critically-acclaimed album Double Youth, Ecuador-American Roberto Carlos Lange (aka Helado Negro) is back with a single that speaks to his moody, tropical sound. Helado Negro is a master at subtlety. Where another artist would be tempted to put in soaring verses that build to explosive choruses, Helado Negro’s music simply lingers, like a groovy lullaby.

“Young, Latin & Proud” is just like his other songs, except instead of mending a broken heart à la “Invisible Heartbreak,” he’s  weaving an anthem of personal strength.

“‘Young, Latin and Proud’ is a lullaby, a song of encouragement when you’re not really sure if you fit in with your surroundings,” says Negro. “It rocks you to sleep in your space hammock and lets you know to embrace the weird and beautiful that is being Young, Latin and Proud.”

Did you hear that, Donald Trump? Eat your heart out.

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