Someone Has to Set a Bad Example…and It’s Anne Taintor

Someone Has to Set a Bad Example…and It’s Anne Taintor

What do you call a collection of vintage photos with phrases of brash pop art text slapped on top of it? You call it an Anne Taintor collection, of course.

Someone Has to Set a Bad Example, and that someone is Anne Taintor, author, photo editor, and collage genius behind this not-so-subtle collection. Taintor’s work is one of a kind, taking images from the days when a majority of women spent their time as “homemakers” and transforming them into feminist, cheeky, and at times vulgar moments suspended in time. The odd combination of past and present truly turns this book into something that remains memorable months after you’ve laid eyes on it, and rightfully so. 

Taintor’s sense of humor is utterly transparent in her work, as is her fearless attitude when it comes to being anything but polite. Whether you’re looking for something to stew on, a chuckle, or a moment to nod your head along to the feelings of girl power, this woman’s bold artistry is certainly one to spend your time checking out.

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