Explore A Lost Queen’s Life In “The Last Heiress: A Novel Of Tutankhamun’s Queen.”

Explore A Lost Queen’s Life In “The Last Heiress: A Novel Of Tutankhamun’s Queen.”

Most historical fiction novels about ancient Egypt generally focus on famous queens such as Cleopatra VII, Nefertiti or Hatshepsut. Stephanie Liaci has taken a different approach and chose Tutankhamun’s wife Ankhesenamun to be her heroine for The Last Heiress.

The 18th Dynasty is shrouded in mystery, which works to Liaci’s advantage because it allows her to speculate on what really happened to Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun. The author weaves in speculation and historical fact to create a heartbreaking tale. Ankhesenamun’s life is swathed in tragedy and the author does not shy away from exploring the darker aspects of her story.

Liaci creates a believable heroine who manages to suffer through unendurable heartbreak. Readers will find themselves sympathizing with this brave Queen who lost her husband at such a young age and was forced to marry a scheming vizier. There are also other heartbreaking scenes such as when Ankhesenamun suffers two miscarriages and makes a desperate plea to marry a Hittite prince in order to keep her dynasty alive.

Although Ankhesenamun goes through many hardships, her relationship with Tutankhamun will touch your heart. The couple did everything in their power to heal the wounds left on Egypt from their tyrannical father Ankhenaten. Ankhesenamun’s pain radiates from the pages of the novel, leaving readers feeling emotionally close to her as she endures one tragedy after another.

The Last Heiress: A Novel Of Tutankhamun’s Queen is a wonderful tale of a passionate Queen who tried to fight against all odds to save her dynasty and bring hope back to her people.

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