“The Impossibilities,” a Web Series About Magic and Existential Crises

Anna Kerrigan, writer/director of The Impossibilities, wrote an article awhile back where she proclaimed that web series are replacing independent film. Unfortunately for most people, the word “web series” still has strong negative connotations, similar to “self-published author.” But The Impossibilities approaches the worn out topic of “artists finding themselves (but mostly losing themselves) in NYC” with a refreshing eye. Kerrigan isn’t here to tell the same tired ol’ stories and is actually more interested in redefining them while poking fun at itself. And if you think this series about a begrudging, platonic friendship between a man and a woman is going to end with them hooking up, think again. The woman is a lesbian, which takes the whole trope of “she’s just waiting for the right guy to come along” completely off the table. Oh, and did I mention there’s lots of magic?

The Impossibilities follows Willa, a tall but awkward yoga instructor, and Harry, a cynical and jaded children’s party musician. Both meet each other at a party and begin building the pieces of a stilted friendship. Each episode alternates from Willa’s and Harry’s perspective. We see Willa as she struggles with her love life and watch Harry as he realizes he lives in a modern world where people are a less dazzled by magic.

Although this is billed as a comedy, some of the later episodes become quite dark and lose its comedic edge. Harry being a sourpuss is only tolerable when he’s being a hilarious sourpuss–like a bitter, sardonic friend that you put up with because inside you know they have a good heart–not when he appears to be a danger to himself. Fortunately, once both characters hit rock bottom, they painfully begin to climb back up. Unfortunately, their journey together is being reserved for season two.

If you’re looking for a new show to get attached to, one with likable characters, magic, and humor, The Impossibilities is your ticket to the non-amateurish world of web series.

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