Society “Protocol”

Sure videos of people dancing in a white room are not the most original thing in the world — hell, there’s even a whole Tumblr for it — but there’s something endearing about the dancing in Society‘s video for their single “Protocol.” The song is a dramatic opus that demands that you take it seriously. So it’s interesting their video does the complete opposite and focuses entirely on a scrappy young lad doing unpretentious dance moves in an empty room.

“We actually cast a bunch of really great teenagers to be in the video,” director Laura Coulson told Stereogum. “Luke’s take was so fun and really excited us. He embodied the spirit of the song so well we ended up using his take for the whole video, as none of us could take our eyes off him.”

“Protocol” it the first proper single off the London duo’s upcoming debut album. So if you’re a fan of dancing, that ’90s big band/trip-hop sound, and of course, white rooms, you should keep them on your radar.

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