Neko: The Cat, a 12-Panel Comic About Creepy Stepmothers and Evil Cats

The age-old trope about lonely women and cats gets the horror treatment in Neko: The Cat, a short comic done as part of Slate’s 12 Panel Pitch series. Written by April Malig and illustrated by¬†Hwei Lin Lim, the comic has a vague Asian horror film vibe, the most obvious inspiration being A Tale of Two Sisters. The short comic follows Michiko, a young girl who has to deal with the death of her mother and the arrival of a stepmother. Oh, and there’s a cat. A lot of cats, actually.

Slate’s 12 Panel Pitch is an ongoing series that challenges writers to pitch an idea for a feature film in one 12-panel comic. So far there have been seven amazing comics created that range in topic from robots to incest.¬†Unfortunately, the deadline to submit your own 12-panel pitch has passed, but new comics are usually posted sporadically on Tuesdays.