Find the Cure in “Miasmata”

Find the Cure in “Miasmata”

You are a scientist, alone on an island called Eden, and you are desperately searching for a cure for the plague you have contracted.

This is Miasmata, a first-person survival-exploration-adventurer. The island-exploration makes this another game reminiscent of Dear Esther, but Miasmata is much more interactive. As you travel the island, you’ll have to find shelter, create your own map of the island, study plants, and synthesize a cure. And there’s a mysterious creature stalking you throughout, and whether or not you confront it is dependent on your caution and stealth. The game has a home-grown graphics engine, with impressive landscapes and, of course, the voxel-based volumetric clouds necessary for any decent game.

Miasmata was released last year for Windows PC. Will you survive? I probably won’t.

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