#TBT Cobra Killer “L.A. Shaker”

When it comes to #TBT pieces, we usually try to go as far back as the ’90s or earlier. Cobra Killer‘s sophomore album 76/77 isn’t that old, but it was released over a decade ago. And while I remember their track “L.A. Shaker” making a minor splash on college radio, I highly doubt anyone remembers it now. In fact, I forgot all about them until this song randomly popped up in my iPod one day. And how fortunate I was too, because this song is too awesome to forget.

The German duo had a vampy, retro style that played with electro hooks and vintage samples. They had the kind of coy, playful sexuality that made their music as dark and alluring as a sleazy bar. And if their “retro kitsch” style wasn’t obvious enough, they even sampled the famous guitar riff from Southern Culture On The Skids’ cult classic “Camel Walk.”

But don’t let the sample fool you. Cobra Killer totally makes the song their own with an explosive chorus that shakes off any lingering suspension of irony and becomes a full bodied force of ghoulish, dark fun. It’s a shame the duo aren’t making much music anymore. However, according to their Facebook, they’re getting ready for a comeback.

Now might be the best time to get introduced (or reacquainted) with a unique band.

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