Cuushe “Airy Me”

Japanese musician Cuushe makes sparse dream pop music. Last year’s Girl you know that i am here but the dream was an amazing collection of singles and remixes that featured Julia Holter, Motion Sickness Of Time Travel, Teen Daze and others. This year Cuushe is releasing Butterfly Case, her first full-length since 2010′s Red Rocket Telepathy. Her music video “Airy Me” is a visual treat that features two songs, “Steamy Mirror” (from Butterfly Case) and “Airy Me” (from Red Rocket Telepathy). The music here is typical Cuushe (cutesy, twinkly experimental electro), but the true draw here is the stunning, imaginative animation from Yoko Kuno. She manages to turn the light, airy (pun intended) music of Cuushe into something real and emotional.

Butterfly Case will be out on September 23, but you can preorder your copy now.

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