Illustrator Matt Taylor’s Vintage, Comic-Inspired Movie Posters

There’s a whole community of illustrators that recreate movie posters with their own artistic licenses, but illustrator Matt Taylor is the most well-known from the lot. His trademark colorful, comic-inspired illustrations have appeared in publications like The New Yorker, Complex, and Wired, and when he puts his prints up for sale they almost always sell out. Although Taylor’s portfolio is peppered with pop culture references that range from Adventure Time’s Lemongrab to Daft Punk, his best work are his movie posters. His recent poster design for the movie Brick brings a grittier interpretation to the original, its vintage-style design making it instantly striking. Same goes for the design he did of Lost in Translation, which weirdly enough, manages to look even more twee than the original.

Taylor is currently selling prints in his online shop, but beware—they sell out fast.