Goodman: “Like What They Like”

Goodman: “Like What They Like”

I was a very big fan of Goodman‘s debut full-length What We Want last year. The young singer/songwriter/mutli-instrumentalist specializes in lo-fi power-pop with superb melodies and great arrangements. So I was not surprised at all when I heard how good the first single for his upcoming sophomore album was. “Like What They Like” bursts out of the gate and keeps going full steam ahead for its less than three minute duration. With jangly acoustics and vintage electric guitar riffs, Goodman bemoans  the state of pop-culture singing, “And all I want in life is to make my choice, but the choice is theirs, all I’ve got’s my voice”

The track is currently available for a name-your-own-price download over on the Goodman bandcamp page.

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