Brazenhead Books’ Brazen Defiance

This clip treats us to an inside look at Brazenhead Books, an underground[ish] bookstore run by Michael Seidenberg out of his Upper East Side apartment. New York doesn’t allow businesses like bookstores to be run from apartments, but after Seidenberg was pushed out of his storefront by rising rents (not Barnes & Noble, he notes), he took up the idea of a more personal space on the advice of a friend.  Now the bookshop’s actually gotten some public attention for its story and regular get-togethers, fueled by whiskey and tobacco. Seidenberg encourages interested parties to look him up the old-fashioned way and pay him a visit, so if you’re so inclined, hunt him down. (It’s fun to note that if you Google ‘brazen’, the example sentence reads “he went about his illegal business with a brazen assurance”.)

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