This Old Video Of A 1976 Star Trek Convention Proves That Some Things Never Change

Ahh, conventions. You go to one and you go to them all, right? It certainly seems like it. Just look at this old video from a 1976 Star Trek convention. Recorded by ultimessence, he took his old Super 8 camera down to Denver, Colorado’s Northgenn Mall to capture the rising swarm of Trekkies taking over America. Not only were Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan at the event, but also the first possible sighting of a furry at 1:20 of the video (although YouTube commenters say he’s actually dressed as a cataan from the Star Trek cartoon series, but hey, “furry” is funnier). The video is more than just a crazy, retro blast from the past, it’s also a video proof that conventions were always a little strange and a little awkward.

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