Even Cookware Has Emotions in “A Chase in Rainsville”

Even Cookware Has Emotions in “A Chase in Rainsville”

What does a mail delivery person, olympic swimmer, nurse, and artist all have in common? They all have emotions that can be affected at any point by anyone because they are human. It’s cheesy, I know, but sometimes we need to step back and remember these things. Day-to-day life is so busy and fast paced that it is easy to forget that the person in front of everyone in line at the supermarket has their own lives, their own individual initiative and motivation.

In the visual novel A Chase in Rainsville, the main character never has to sit in a supermarket line, wait hours in a traffic jam, or really deal with humans at all. The citizens of Rainsville are all anthropomorphic animals coexisting with the one human family that happens to live there, which happens to be the protagonist’s home. Despite this missing piece to the theme it still asks players to sit down and be open with their emotions just as humans would.

In Rainsville you will meet a captain crab, a rabbit mail courier, and a couple of other fun characters. One of the most important characters in the game is a cooking pot. The entire game kicks off because the main character finds this pot while cleaning and it seems unused and dusty. “This pot doesn’t belong anywhere, it’s kind of useless,” they say. Then before they know it the pot sprouts legs and runs away! In a world where magic and talking animals exist, making generalizations about cookware is a wrong move.

Outside of Rainsville’s themes the art style and audio choices are undeniably adorable. The game was developed entirely by laughingbear and it is delightfully shown through the combination of their art and writing. There is not much to interact with outside of the dialogue, but I think that the aesthetic makes up for it with overwhelming amounts of charm.

Make sure you play through the game multiple times, the life of a cooking pot should not be taken lightly!

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