“Poolside Radio” Transforms Your Computer Into an ’80s Beach Party

Yeah, yeah. So we’re all sick of winter and wish it was summer and blah blah blah. But don’t assumeĀ Poolside Radio is just a tool to ease away winter blues. Think of it as a “wayback” machine, a time zapping vortex of late ’80s/early ’90s nostalgia designed to trigger memories of summers spent eating popsicles and watching Saved by the Bell (you know, instead of working).

Poolside Radio is a visual webplayer that plays current ’80s-inspired electronic music paired with clips of cheesy ’80s videos. You have the option to skip from song to song or from clip to clip. Some of the clips are a little NSFW (if you think your boss would have a problem seeing Kelly Kapowski-esque women flouncing about in bikinis on your computer), but the majority of the clips are stuff from our childhood: cheesy commercials, clips of long forgotten movies, and Saturday morning cartoons. Created by Marty Bell and Grant MacLennan, the channel also accepts music submissions if you’d like to see your own music featured. Upbeat, “summery” music only, please.