Cursed Forest: A Horror Game Where You Really, Really Don’t Want to Look in the Toilet

Cursed Forest is certainly comparable to Slender–both games feature a protagonist searching through the woods for various objects while running from an unknown but terrifying monster. But it would be a mistake to consider Cursed Forest derivative. It’s a much slower-paced game, relying heavily on the slow escalation of tension to make gamers quake, breaking that tension with the occasional well-placed and unexpected jump scare. Like the title says: you really shouldn’t look in the toilet. (Do it. Do it anyway.)

The graphics are magnificent for a free game, especially when considering the game was built entirely by one person with no other games under his belt. As for the game itself, the story seems to revolve around trying to save an innocent girl whose soul has been corrupted and twisted while avoiding death at her hands. But really, it’s an excuse to run through a creepy forest and whimper a lot. An excellent game for anyone with even a passing interest in horror, Cursed Forest is a fantastic entry into the world of gaming.