“78-87 London Youth” Is a Photographic Look at ’80s Teen Culture

A few months back The Guardian asked what happened to youth subcultures?¬†You know–the punks, the goths, the preps, the geeks. Throughout the ’60s and leading up to the ’90s, teenage rebellion was always defined by a particular fashion or subculture, and unfortunately, it appears these days it’s a dying form of expression. Photographer¬†Derek Ridgers’ book 78-87 London Youth is a look at the fashion-bending scenes that defined British teenagers throughout the ’70s and ’80s. Taken at concerts, basements, clubs and bars around London, his photos are a nostalgic time capsule of alternative culture, a period where pink-haired drag queens and skinny new wave boys ruled the streets. The people in Ridgers’ book prove that there’s more to fashion expression than looking like the latest Instagram model.