It’s Pixel Art, It’s Poetry–It’s 8-Bit Fiction

When you think of romantic art, art that speaks to our emotions, we think of paintings. Pieces that capture that sweet spot where romance combines with our habit of wanting to seek ourselves in art. 8-Bit Fiction has weirdly accomplished that without the use of conventions. Instead, they use pixel art and text to create pieces that cut right to the heart–whether it’s sadness, brute honesty, or humor–and package them in a medium that does not typically require such gravitas.

Don’t get us wrong, the project still very much reeks of Tumblr, echoing the “teenage sadness” personality of the site in most of its pieces. But that’s the true brilliance of 8-bit Fiction. There’s a tongue-in-cheek energy behind sentences like “True love, my most deplorable fetish” and “I adore you, even on the days you hate yourself” that makes us love it for being so unapologetically mushy. When retro art meets Tumblr, you know the results are going to be something special.