TORAFU Builds a Haunted Museum for MoCA Tokyo

There’s something really beautiful about getting kids engaged in learning.  TORAFU Architects designed an amazing learning space for the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo that makes me wish I was a five year old kid living in Japan.  The project is called GHOSTS, UNDERPANTS and STARS, and the space by TORAFU, the haunted house, is an amazing example of brilliant creative minds bringing art and play together.  The haunted house is more of a haunted art gallery, with replicas of famous paintings that spin, fade, pop open and act as if they were shocks and games in a usual haunted house, with trick mirrors interspersed for extra fun house fun.  These kids are encouraged to touch and play within and around the space, removing the severity that an art museum might normally have for a child and giving them a way to identify famous paintings with joy and fun.  I just wish that I could crawl around in there too.

Images by Fuminari Yoshitsugu, courtesy of Torafu Architects.