Doprah: “San Pedro”

New Zealand duo Doprah has a weird sense of humor. On their Facebook they describe themselves as “a sinister and evil cult which lures young people into drug-taking,” and in their video for “Stranger People” they go full-blown kawaii to brazenly poke fun at Jpop. But underneath Doprah’s intense need to be clever is a band that has a unique sound. Although their “Stranger People” video is what’s creating buzz, their 2013 song “San Pedro” is more of a proper introduction. In the video, band members Steven John Marr and Indira Force¬†are absent, leaving you to explore the music on its own. Directed by¬†Julian Vares, the video shows the oh-so-elusive perils of middle aged men (trust me, it’s more interesting than it sounds).

As for Doprah, their self-titled debut album was released June 2014, and with the duo now opening shows for Lorde, it looks like 2014 might be their year.