Behind the Scenes of the Princess Brides’ 25th Anniversary Cast Reunion

If you were obsessed with The¬†Princess Bride as a kid, that obsession is about to be reawakened by As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, written¬†by Cary Elwes. Yes, that’s right. If you buy the Audible version, Westley will talk about the infamous fencing scene, how he broke his toe driving Andre the Giant’s ATV, and even do fantastic impressions of his imposingly gentle costar.

It’s seriously a must for anyone who ever got an iota of pleasure from the cult classic movie that every good childhood must include. Everyone who contributed stories, from Billy Crystal to Rob Reiner, obviously have a lot of respect for each other and deep, abiding love for this project.

It’s a little about the craft of moviemaking, it’s a little about the wacky things stars do with each other behind the scenes, and it’s a little to do about R-O-U-S actor being late for a shoot. Inconceivable!