Kinky Love: “Hush”

Off the heels of their debut Promise EP, Chicago duo Kinky Love are back with a new single, “Hush.” Like the songs on Promise, “Hush” is a mix of pop bliss with dark ’80s electro-pop. The music is built around a rapid-fire synth line and programmed drums to create a simple yet effective texture. Strings and other bubbling synths come in and out, adding sonic depth to the song, but the most interesting part is Xoe Wise’s vocals. Instead of the cool and airy vocal timbre you’d expect in a song like this, Wise brings a fuller sound with hints of alt-country in her melodies. It gives the song a deeper, more organic feeling to contrast the sterile synth atmosphere.

You can download “Hush” for free on SoundCloud, and be sure to check out the Promise EP as well.