The Surprising Beauty of Cargo Ships

Oh, so this is what you go on adventures for. Dimitris Tamvakos, a Greek photographer, produced these beautiful photographs from his time spent on an important part of the international scene many of us rarely think about: cargo ships. Through the ’00s, it appears multiple cargo ships took Tamvakos on board for a trip and let him do his own thing. I found the photographs striking not just in their visual composition, but also because I (and, I’m guessing, you) know very little about what a cargo ship looks like on the inside, let alone what day-to-day life on board is like. This is, of course, just a selection of some of my favorites, which are mostly shot belowdecks. But if you’re interested in more shots, including shots of the open sea, or just his work in general, hundreds of photos await on Flickr.