Hysterical Minds: An Art Collective of Emerging Artists in the Spanish-Speaking Community

Humbly founded by a group of young artists in 2009, Hysterical Minds brings together some of the best talent in the digital art world together. The collective was created with the purpose to serve Spanish-speaking artists who couldn’t participate in other collectives due to language barriers. Although the collective has grown beyond its original purposes, it still remains the largest (and only) all Spanish-speaking online art collective. The group is best known for their “expressions” series, which are art packs released sporadically every few weeks. Each expression has a unique theme and uses various mediums, from digital art to music, to illustrate the many ways one theme can be interpreted by many artists. The photos above are taken fromĀ Twisted Essence, a series that tries to combine the spontaneity of human nature. We also recommend their book, Retrospectiva.