Play a Little Girl’s Imaginary Friend in the Noir Game “Contrast”

Contrast’s launch trailer rocks my world! The latest game developed by Compulsion Games was released on Steam yesterday under their Indie games section, and it’s a whirlwind mess of oh-my-goodness! With a very appropriate name, Contrast is filled with just that—contrasts. You play as Dawn, the imaginary friend of a little girl name Didi who has a less than ideal home life. With an absentee father and a mother who spends her nights performing at the local night club to make money, Contrast has the kind of plot one typically expects from a page-turning novel. Add to the fact that daddy’s back in town and trying to do right by the family he abandoned adds even more complexity to the story.

With a 1920s film noir setting, you (Dawn) go through the game with the power to shift between both 2D and 3D worlds. Get it? Contrasts! The gameplay consists of you using the different sources of light in the 3D world to cast shadows in the 2D world to solve puzzles (Editor’s Note: Sounds similar to Ghost Trick). You basically become your shadow and race through the game while jumping in and out of worlds. More contrasts! That’s all I have for now folks; everything else about this game is a bit of a mystery since I haven’t played it yet. But I’m excited to solve the many puzzles that fill this amazing world. Look out for a review in the near future since I will be downloading this game within moments.