Loren Stump’s Amazing Glass “Murrini”

Glass blowing has been a long standing tradition in European countries, being notoriously famous in Italy, and it’s an art form that continues to this day, albeit not in the same vein as before. In the US, artists such as Dale Chihuly and Loren Stump continue those traditions while adapting to the contemporary arts scene, elevating glass blowing and manipulation into new levels. The latter artist, Stump, is my focus today, as his unique creations, known as ‘murrini’ or ‘murrine’, are simply amazing.

‘Murrine’ are made by arranging molten glass into any desired pattern or image by the artist in the form of a loaf so that slices can be cut later on to get the same image in each of them (think of bread to facilitate the analogy). Normally these glass creations are quite simple, just being circles within circles of different colors, but Stump takes the ‘murrine’ to another level. He creates portraits in the style of classic European paintings and has even recreated DaVinci’s Virgin of the Rocks in amazing detail for having used glass as his medium.

These pieces of art must be very rare to see in a museum, so take a look at the gallery and perhaps consider paying a hefty sum of money to buy one of the unique pieces from the artist’s website. They sure are beautiful!