Survive Amongst The Dinosaurs In The Adorably Retro “Theropods”

Theropods is a simple point-and-click adventure game about a cavewoman battling dinosaurs, but the game is surprisingly adorable. Our story opens when a peaceful evening at the neolithic campfire is interrupted by hungry dinos. Our proto-human heroine, with adorable fur bikini and flowing red hair, will need to grab and creatively use items around her to survive, so get clicking.

Players can carefully consider how to use and combine items, or just click randomly whenever the cursor lets you know you’ve found an interactive object. (I used both methods.) If you find yourself completely stuck, JayIsGames has a pretty clear walkthrough, but when I wasn’t sure how to proceed, I found that random clicking plus the ol’ adventure game standard of pocketing everything that’s not nailed down was a pretty great way to get through.

After cleverly taking care of the immediate threat, our heroine sets off to rescue her friend from dino doom. There’s a small amount of dino gore in this game, but it’s so simple and pixelated that it’s not even a little bit gross. Even the threatening dinosaurs are cute in this.

Therapods was developed in a short time frame for a gamejam, but the result is solid, playable, and engaging, even if fairly short. The pixel-ly art is a delight, but the game offers more than nostalgia, with simple, playable mechanic and satisfying puzzles as well. Fans of creative point-and-clicks, like Monkey Island, Nelly Cootalotor The Silent Age, will enjoy this cute and memorable little adventure.