Artist Spotlight: Serge Gay Jr.

It wasn’t until Haitian-born, San Francisco-based artist Serge Gay Jr. was 10 years old that he realized his numerous crayon drawings were art. Up until that point, the drawings were simply used as forms of communication before he could speak English. “I would use art as a survival tool in school, in order to find friends or not get picked on,” he explained to Spoke-Art. While Gay has carved out a niche for himself as being one of the go-to surrealist artists making low brow art, he’s probably best known for the music video work he does alongside director Matt Stawski. So it’s no surprise that his upcoming exhibition at Spoke-Art is solely focused on music.

Gay’s no stranger to pop culture art, and while his current exhibition is a salute to musical legends like The Beatles and Michael Jackson, in the past his works have featured references as far and wide as Barack Obama and Taxi Driver. But Gay insists pop culture is just a splice of his overall aesthetic and that he would like to dabble in other mediums. “I’ve worked with my music video director buddy for years now and we always seem to see eye-to-eye on projects,” he says. “So that’s something I look forward to doing more of.”