Lovepark: “21/12″

U.K. rockers Lovepark have a new  EP coming out called 21/12. From what I understand, it’s not a tribute to the Rush album, 2112but after listening to the title track, I’m pretty excited anyway. The song is driven by authoritative drums and an afro-pop leaning guitar riff. Kamran Kahn’s sleek vocals cut through with his dramatic melodies. With twists and turns in the rhythms and texture, “21/12″ is always surprising and exciting. The song opens up with a sample of someone (Will Smith?) saying, “There was just always tension and beef when we shoulda just all got along.” And that idea carries throughout with the tightly interlocking instrumental parts of “21/12.”

The 21/12 EP will be available via SnakeTown Records on May 26th.