Try to Keep People Alive in

Try to Keep People Alive in “No One Has to Die”

Yay, more freeware! About death!  Yesterday we recommended a free browser game where you had to talk people out of committing suicide. In no one has to die. you’re still saving people from death, but instead of saving people from themselves you’re saving them from a building fire. In the game you play a delivery worker dropping off a package when suddenly a fire breaks out. Because you’re the only one in the control room, it’s up to you to figure out a way to control the fire (without killing anyone, of course). Even though the game is technically a puzzle, there’s more narrative than you would think (although people carrying such in-depth conversations during a building fire does seem a tad odd). But it’s the story that makes no one has to die. special, not the puzzles. The story progression and the occasional plot twist will keep you playing until the end.

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