Oceaán: “Neéd U”

Why are there aigus accents all over the place? Who knows! Who cares? What really matters here is that this 20-year-old producer/singer has released a pretty amazing song. The chillwave-RnB track features the artist‘s airy falsetto vocals, side-chained synths, and a strong beat. With this indie-RnB style being so popular right now, “Neéd U” isn’t the most original track I’ve heard, but that doesn’t make it any less great. The chorus melody, with it’s descending pattern of “need you”s is an instant classic. The frailty of his voice adds to the desperation and lovelorn character of the lyrics. The video, directed by Luca Rudlin, features the producer in hazy fog and light performing the song in what looks like an abandoned warehouse.

With only two tracks online, we’re going to have to keep watching this video until we get more music from this Manchester artist.

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