The Boston Boys: “Keep You Satisfied” EP

The Boston Boys: “Keep You Satisfied” EP

You know you’ve found something interesting when you hear elements of folk, bluegrass, funk, and soul all in the same song. That’s how I’m hearing The Boston Boys, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

Hailing from–you guessed it–Boston, these boys met at Berklee School of Music and are currently based in Brooklyn. Their second EP is “Keep You Satisfied,” and has an appropriate mix of Americana, funk, rock, and even a hint of Latin at times. The plain-voiced lead singer is reminiscent of Paul Simon at times, Randy Newman at others, and occasionally of Michael Jackson. The instrumentation lifts from the bluegrass tradition with the addition of drums, which bring the groove in the funkier “Satisfied” and “Honeycomb.” They’re absent on “Take Me Under,” a soft gospel waltz that makes for a pleasing closer. And if you like burnin’ fiddle solos, The Boston Boys has ‘em in spades.

You can listen to the new EP on their Bandcamp, and it will be available for purchase on October 8.

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