“Godus,” the Latest God Game from Peter Molyneux

“Godus,” the Latest God Game from Peter Molyneux

You may have heard of him. Peter Molyneux, the former head of Lionhead Studios, pretty much invented the god-game genre, creating classics such as Populous and Black and White, as well as some non-god games such as Fable. His new studio, 22 Cans, is a small startup inspired by the recent success of indie studios, and its first major release, Godus, has just been released on Steam Early Access.

The game combines notions from Populous and Black and White, but it has very original, very indie art design. You can shape the land, gain followers, use awesome powers, and make the little guys fight each other. If you recall Molyneux’s Curiousity experiment, there is a massively-multiplayer element to Godus that lets players collectively try to overthrow the game’s overall “god”–the winner of the Curiousity game. Or, you can just expand your influence and take on the nearest god-player you can find.

Who doesn’t like reigning over little people and making them do stuff? If it sounds like your thing, Godus is available for PC and Mac.

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