Organize Your Life with This Pinterest-Like Task Manager

Organize Your Life with This Pinterest-Like Task Manager

Remember when I said that Wunderlist was my go-to task managing app? Well, that might be changing soon, because I just discovered Trello.

Similar to Wunderlist, it’s a free task and project manager that works across multiple devices. You can access Trello on the web, iOS, Android, and Windows 8 tablet, and sync your data across all your devices. What’s interesting about Trello is its interface and how customizable it is. It’s almost like a Pinterest version of a to-do list. You create boards, which can be as specific or general as you wish. A board could contain a single project or your entire life. Each board contains any number of columns of tasks, which can be named anything. Tasks are created within columns as cards, and the cards can be dragged easily into different columns, and columns themselves can be moved around with ease. It’s extremely versatile, since you can use the lists however you want. You can even save pictures and files to cards, which can be downloaded or viewed Pinterest-style. And for better organization, you can search and archive tasks, color code them, assign due dates, or include check lists within tasks.

If all that’s not enough, there are collaborative features that let you work on projects with other users, complete with notifications and subscription options. There’s so much to this app that it’s hard to believe it’s all free. I’ll be off organizing every minutia of my life, now.

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