Choose to Be Violent (or Not) in “Gunpoint”

Choose to Be Violent (or Not) in “Gunpoint”

Gunpoint isn’t really about guns. Or points, either. In fact, it’s more about avoiding confrontation than anything else, though you can take a more violent approach.

That’s the appeal of the game. You can play however you like, as there are multiple ways of getting through a level. It’s a point-and-click stealth-puzzler in which you control a spy who must infiltrate various secured buildings. You have a super jumping ability and a device that helps you rewire the security. You can pass by unseen, or throw guys through windows. Your choice.

There’s a story and witty writing, but you can skip that stuff. More important is the level creator, which you can use to design your own puzzles and share them with the world.

Gunpoint is currently Windows-only, but Mac and Linux versions could very well be on their way.

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