Young Liar: “Kitten Cuddles”

This is a post-rock song called “Kitten Cuddles.” I’m not even really sure I need to say anymore than that.

But: Young Liar is a Newcastle-based instrumental rock quintet gearing up for the release of their third EP, Why Does Everyone Hate My Boyfriend“Kitten Cuddles” is the adorably named opening track from the album, and while I’m not sure it really sounds like kittens cuddling, the great thing about instrumental music is that you can really name it whatever you want. The track opens with distorted drums before giving way to the usual layers of reverbed guitars and powerful bass. Young Liar also incorporate bubbling synths into the texture, which gives them a unique sound in a genre that can often sound the same. To be sure, though, “Kitten Cuddles” has all the bravado and emotional power you’ve come to expect from groups like Explosions in the Sky or Do Make Say Think.

Why Does Everyone Hate My Boyfriend will be released digitally and on 12″ vinyl on October 18th.

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