“Fez” is a Mind Boggling Puzzle Platformer

“Fez” is a Mind Boggling Puzzle Platformer

Wait, you haven’t heard of FEZ? Seriously?

It’s the indie game made by two guys that took five years to make, and had the entire gaming community babbling. It’s also one of the subjects of Indie Game: The Movie.

After getting past its stunning pixel art, you’re greeted with a 2D platformer that turns your head around as it shifts perspective. You have full control over the world, turning it on its side to get from one area to the next. Aside from that, you’ve got typical controls that involve jumping, climbing, and collecting. Your job is basically to explore the vast world and uncover its secrets. And did I mention the cute little guy wearing his cute little fez hat?

Fez is out for PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox 360.

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