Movement: “Us”

Sydney based indie-RnB group Movement has released their second single, the haunting “Us.” With a simple beat and smooth chords, “Us” feels like a track from The Weekend or Rhye. Similarly, the smokey falsetto vocals are reminiscent of Rhye’s Mike Milosh. Which is not to say that Movement lacks its own voice, though. “Us” has a distinct dark character, with subtle but effective production techniques and particularly emotive lyrics. The second half of the song finds a steel drum sample leading the instrumental interlude, which feels at once surprising and exactly like what should happen. When the last chorus comes in, the frail falsetto vocal is joined by thick RnB harmonies, as the synth pad grows and threatens to envelop the whole song. Just as quickly, the song ends, leaving off on an unresolved and ambiguous place alternatively.

The track will be available through Modular on September 24th, and you can stream the Dave Ma directed video here.


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