Jason Saltiel: “Wait Until The Night”

Jason Saltiel: “Wait Until The Night”

Last week, singer/songwriter Jason Saltiel released his new six-song EP Wait Until The Night. The set explores classic ’60s pop, bossa nova, and French folk music through a lens of modern chamber-pop. The result is not dissimilar to Jens Lekman, but Saltiel’s music often feels more sincere and emotionally charged than the often quirky Lekman.

The title-track of the EP stands out to me as the most impressive. It’s a simple pop song with a classic Hollywood feel. The tightly orchestrated strings, ringing vibraphone, and sprinkling of accordion decorate Saltiel’s descending melody as he sings to a lost lover. He smugly tells her to, “wait until the night when there’s no one to hold you tight/you’ll reach for me and find there’s just you.” He continues by explaining how she’ll forever be alone now that they are not together, though it becomes clear that he is singing more to himself than to her. And that he is projecting his own regret and sadness onto her.

After the second chorus, the strings swell and lead into a lush orchestral interlude. With it’s dense chords, soaring melody, and easy rhythm, you can practically picture Fred Astaire dancing around a back-lot set made to look like a Parisian street at night, possibly pretending to dance with a hypothetical Ginger Rodgers as he lets the sadness fill his heart.

I’ve been listening to this EP almost nonstop since I got it last week, and you should too! Check it out on bandcamp, and listen to his first album, Jason Saltiel Sings His Hits, which is another fantastic send-up to ’60s pop songwriting.

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