Finally, an Easy Way to Keep Your Desktop Clean

Finally, an Easy Way to Keep Your Desktop Clean

If you’re a Mac user and find icons piling in disarray on your desktop, there’s a solution. And it’s not to just to use folders.

Desktop Groups is a handy app for Mac that lets you group files together in a clean, customizable window. You can change the size, name, and color of the groups, and move them around freely. Use as few or as many as you need to keep the clutter to a minimum. Just do something.

Because you can freely name your groups and drag and drop files between them, Desktop Groups almost has elements of a task manager. As in the picture above, you could have relevant files in a group for immediate review, or move them between low and high priority groups so you can keep track of which documents you need to access most urgently. This can help de-clutter your desktop and your mind. I think that’s worth a few bucks.

Desktop Groups is $10 on the Mac App Store.

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