Get an Inside Look Into the Art of Glass Making in “The Minds of Makers”

In a series of documentaries for ArtBabble, The Minds of Makers, Daniel Nass and Piers Gelly (who I know from university, I should disclose) profile craftspeople, artists, and others who make their living in fields often portrayed as closer to the past and present. As a series, Minds of Makers reminds us that a lot of the stuff we interact with is still made, and that the philosophies of the people who actually do the making are interesting and relevant. The video I’ve embedded here, featuring Ireland’s Jerpoint Glass Studio, is one of my favorites just because glass making looks like one of the coolest things ever, but there are a dozen videos, so there’s a good chance you’ll like some subset of the work. You can check out the whole series here, and a feature of how Nass and Gelly ended up making the series here.

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