Get Paid to View Ads on Your Phone

Get Paid to View Ads on Your Phone

If you have an Android device (you lucky, lucky duck), and can stomach more than your usual constant stream of advertising, you might want to check out Locket.

Rather than giving the advertisers and ad platforms all the benefits, with Locket, you can earn yourself some cash in exchange for having ads displayed on your lock screen. It’s real cash, and it’s really redeemable via PayPal. And it’s less work than filling out surveys for QuickThoughts–you’ll just see the ad on your lock screen, and are not obligated to interact with it in any way. Okay, so maybe it’s not a dream come true: it only pays one cent per ad view, which is limited. But there’s an “earn more” feature, and users are claiming an average of $5 a week in earnings. It may not sound like much, but, over time, that adds up to a lotta free lattes.

Locket is in beta, free for download on Google Play.

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