“Barkies,” 1930s Short Films Where Dogs Dressed Up As People

In the ’30s people were obsessed with comedies that forced adult-like situations onto people that weren’t adults. For example, there was the famous Baby Burlesks series, which was a collection of short films that took toddlers and made them act like adults. But probably my favorite were the Dogville Comedies (sometimes known as “barkies”), which were a collection of films published between 1929-31 that depicted dogs as suited-up humans with dubbed voices. I guess you could consider barkies as the meme of the 1930s, except instead of grumpy cat they had dogs dressed like Clark Gable trying to sexually assault one another.

If you liked this clip, you can also check out the longer So Quiet on the Canine Front. Considering these were made before animal rights were a thing, you could question the ethics of forcing dogs to walk on their hind legs while dressed like army men, but my lighter, less judgmental side will guiltily ignore that part.

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