R: “Change”

Irish/French siblings Marc and Pierre O’Reilly have both been decently successful separately, one as a folk musician and the other as a film composer. Now teaming up under the difficult-to-Google name R, the brothers have released their infectious first single, the electro-pop “Change,” produced by London-based Konstantine Pope. With dizzying synths and reversed pianos accompanying the dim, harmonized vocals, “Change” feels almost like a dance remix of a Bon Iver song. Then the children’s choir comes in for the chant-like hook of “we don’t wanna change your mind.”

The video, in black and white, features a group of dancers in abstract choreography to the track. With interesting lighting casting long shadows and fast editing, the video is a strong complement to the song.

“Change” will be available on October 18th via Salt and Shake records.

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